Music 4 Babies


In this 45 minutes class, parents and caregivers participate with babies learning together the basics of ear training. Also, supporting them with love and sound while they develop their motor skills, muscle strength, balance, eye coordination, social skills and more. All our classes can host up to seven participants to ensure quality in each session. Four-semester curriculum. Group A: 3months-12 months. Group B: 13 months- 23 months. Group C: 2 years.  Available in PA.


Music & Games


In this 45 minutes class, children participate independently learning the foundation of first-sight-music-reading, characteristics of Sound, vibration, solfege, properties of the instruments based on their materials, music dictation, writing music symbols and the basics of singing, recorder flute, ukulele, tuned percussion and drumming. Introduction to music ensemble takes place for recital purpose. Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to be present in the class as observers. All our classes can host up to seven participants to ensure quality in each session. Four-semester curriculum. Prerequisite: 3 year-old. Available in NY, NJ and PA.


Spanish Through Music


In this 55-minutes class, students will participate in activities such as games and songs to learn the phonetics (specially     rolling "r"),  learn  vocabulary  and  understand  common expressions to establish communication in Spanish. Each of the three basic levels have 24 session (part A and part B). We will target  practical   words  and  content, useful in real life. Please notice that   this class is not focused in writing or grammar. This class is focused  to teach children how to  communicate effectively  in spoken Spanish.  Available in NY and PA. Prerequisite: 3.5 year-old.





Singing & Harmony


In this 90 minutes class (fundamental and advanced), students learn to read music (rhythm and melody), use of head ad chest voice, sing scales (major, minor and chromatic), breathing, air control, expression, music intervals and singing in harmony through a specific repertory. This class focuses 50% in solo performance and 50% in harmony. All the sessions are developed in a encouraging-supportive environment. Fundamental level is opened to all students (two-semester class). Advanced level requires the completion of fundamental level or audition (ongoing class). Available in NY and PA.


Music 4 Moms


In this 50 minutes class, expecting mothers will experience music with their babies. A comprehensive training for singing in tune lullabies, reading music, ear training, playing musical instruments individually/ensemble, plus sensorial activities to uplift the spirit and bring a smile.

This class can host up to seven moms to ensure the quality in each session.

16-session curriculum

Available in NY and PA.

Also in NJ for private groups.


Music Ensemble


In this 60 minutes class, children participate independently learning music theory in depth, controlling their bodies-voices to perform rhythmic challenges in syncopation, introduction to harmony, exploring the Piano and  the Violin, learning how to adapt when switching between instruments, and building music repertory for performance. Introduction to Electronic Music and experimental sound projects might be possible. Four-semester curriculum.  Prerequisites: Music & Games IV semester. MORE INFORMATION