Ironbound Newark, NJ

Coming back to Ironbound Newark! IM4C will be hosted by Multi Arts Academy. Conveniently located on 86 Monroe St, 2nd Fl, Newark, NJ 07105. Few steps across Brasilia Grill.

Regresando a Ironbound Newark! IM4C se llevara a cabo en Multi Arts Academy. Convenientemente localizado en el numero 86 de la calle Monroe, segundo piso, Newark, NJ, 07105.

Our Fall 2017 schedule.

Música&Juegos en Español 

Tus hijos desarrollarán Lógica y serán mas inteligentes e independientes a través de nuestro programa de educación musical. Leer música, entrenamiento auditivo, intro al Ukulele, Flauta, percusión con baldes, escuchar, seguir instrucciones y cantar son parte del contenido de nuestro currículo.


Your children will develop Logic and become more independent and smart while learning Music. Ear training, intro to Ukulele, Flute, Bucket drumming, singing, listening, following instructions, and reading music are some of the skills trained in this class.

Music  4  Babies  English/Spanish/Portuguese

 Babies and parents/caregivers will work in this class on developing their motor skills, muscles, ear training, sensorial perception, rhythm, language and voice tuning.

Instruções em Português, Español and Speak English for this sessions.